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Leanne, thank you so much for all your advice, help and knowledge throughout the Calm the Chaos parenting course you’ve taken us through. We have learned SO much about ourselves, our relationship and our kids and the results have been fantastic.

We’ve only implemented some of the ideas and already our household is calmer and less stressed and we’re having more fun too! Highly recommend. Thanks loads.

Sami & Chris

Working with Leanne has been life changing. She helped me to explore issues and discover what was really going on. I loved how she gave practical home tasks to help me move forward each week.

To see the results happen all around me was outstanding. I’m now looking forward to everyday with joy and excitement, thank you so much.

Thanks again



Leanne Started Studying Counselling in 2000 after a tragic loss. She wanted to be able to help and support other families that had experienced the same devastating loss.
While Studying and being a full time foster career, Leanne realised this was definitely the path she needed to go down. She was always in her prime when helping others.
Life didn’t exactly go to plan though. With a divorcethe following the birth of her two beautiful boys. As you can imagine, study went on hold for a while with the raising of 3 small children on her own. As she soon discovered though, this was actually the best qualification she could possibly achieve, hands on experience.
Life was like a rollercoaster ride for many years with amazing times as well as the times that were almost too hard and wanting to just throw it all in. There were many days of tears and wondering how the hell she was going to survive. Some days the only thing that got her through was her saying of, “Lucky they are cute”.



She was no longer ‘Leanne”, only mum. She had lost all her own dreams and desires and everything she did revolved around her kids. As much as she loves her children, she felt she was exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed with her same old life day after day. There was no excitement, no adventure and no growth.
Leanne decided it was time to get the diploma of counselling she had started all those years ago. So in 2007 she updated her course and commenced study. Becoming a qualified counsellor wasn’t all Leanne thought it would be. In fact it was nothing like it. She had the piece of paper but that was nothing as she didn’t have the confidence to do anything with it. She really wanted her own practice but didn’t know where to start.
Leanne started volunteering her services to organisations to build confidence. It was a slow process and she never believed in herself enough to take it to the next level.


That was the story until she found The Coaching Institute in Melbourne.

Since that day her life has changed forever. She not only found the tools and support she needed to create her own practice, she also found the most amazing tools to change her clients lives as well. Once discovering what coaching was and how powerful it is, Leanne knew without a doubt that this is the perfect career for her. Leanne always thought that she wanted to take clients further than she could in counselling, she really wanted them to create their Ideal life and move forward with passion. Draw a line in the sand. Once she found coaching, that was it. Through coaching Leanne has been able to conquer any fear that comes her way and create the successful business that she has always desired. She has already surpassed her own goals in so many ways.

This journey has not only changed her life forever but also all of her kids lives. Through this coaching journey Leanne has realised that the Chaos that she use to experience on a daily basis had changed into Calm without even working on the children. For over 10yrs she tried to work on the children and not take her own needs into account. Once she learnt about herself and how to fulfil her own needs, her chaos just dropped away.

That is how her own parenting program of “Calm the Chaos’ has come about.

Leanne has attended nearly every parenting course on the coast and many on the internet over the years and although they were good, she never found they were sustainable for creating the change that she wanted for the long term. Leanne applied a different unique approach for each of her children and totally found the missing piece of the puzzle for creating lasting change within families. She helped other families to see if this would also work for them and the feedback just after one session was remarkable so she went on to further her studies in this unique area.

Through her studies Leanne has realised how impactful it is to have a full understanding of your child’s individual behavioural profile. Since applying her knowledge of this along with Meta Dynamics and the core needs of children, Leanne is able to connect with all of her children on such a deeper level. The understanding of their profile and how it interacts with your own is a life changer. Now Leanne get’s to see first hand the amazing results this knowledge has on other families too.

Leanne is finally living her dream of changing families for the better.

Today Leanne has created her own successful business ‘Inspire Your Focus’. She deliver’s one on one coaching for parents, face to face and via sykpe for interstate clients, wanting to create a calmer environment for the whole family as well as facilitates Parenting Programs throughout the sunshine coast. She also works with Daycares and schools to help support families understand their children better and create a calmer environment where everyone can shine.

Leanne truly believes that living your life true to who you are and following your dreams is the best role model you can be for your beautiful children. After all isn’t that what we want our children to do. She truly has found a way that parents can reconnect with themselves again and connect with their children on a much deeper level that will last a life time!

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Leanne prides herself on always providing the highest quality of services to all of her clients. Take a look at what you can always count on.

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